Re: [GIT PATCH] Remove devfs from 2.6.12-git

From: David Brownell
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 00:13:47 EST

Quoth Andrew Morton:
> I don't have enough info to know whether the world would be a better place
> if we keep devfs, remove devfs or remove devfs even later on. I don't
> think anyone knows, which is why we're taking this little
> disable-it-and-see-who-shouts approach.

The downside of "disable-and-remove-later" is that it becomes
too easy to just re-enable the Kconfig stuff rather than just
fixing the userspace bugs. Expecting userspace to change at
any point before it absolutely _must_ tends to be a formula
for userspace never changing, sadly enough.

If 2.6.13 doesn't remove devfs, when will it really go away?

- Dave

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