Re: PREEMPT_RT vs I-PIPE: the numbers, part 2

From: David Lang
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 20:49:44 EST

On Wed, 22 Jun 2005, Karim Yaghmour wrote:

Subject: Re: PREEMPT_RT vs I-PIPE: the numbers, part 2

David Lang wrote:
I know that I have a large number of slow (<200MHz) pentiums that are just
sitting around at home and could be used for this, but I don't know if
they would be considered fast enough for any portions of this test (I have
a much smaller number of faster machines that could possibly be used)

I don't think that there should be any limitation on the type of
hardware being tested. In fact, I would think that having as
diverse a test hardware as possible would be a good thing.
Many of the embedded platforms are in fact not that far different
from those slow pentiums you have lying around.

Ok, I'll dig them out and see about getting them setup.

what pinout do I need to connect the printer ports

I'm thinking that the best approach for this would be to setup a static logger and host and then one (or more) target machines, then we can setup a small website on the host that will allow Ingo (and others) to submit kernels for testing, queue those kernels and then run the tests on each one in turn (and if it runs out of kernels to test it re-tests the last one with a longer run)

how much needs to change in userspace between the various tests? I would assume that between the plain, preempt, and RT kernels no userspace changes are needed, what about the other options?

given the slow speed of these systems it would seem to make more sense to have a full kernel downloaded to them rather then having the local box compile it.

does this sound reasonable?

David Lang

My 0.02$,

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