Re: -mm -> 2.6.13 merge status (fuse)

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 10:31:33 EST


> > > An emotional argument again. What's "strange" about it?
> >
> > Not so emotional argument...
> >
> > System where users can mount their own filesystems should not be
> > called "Unix" any more. It introduces new mechanism, similar to
> > ptrace.
> I think that's a rather severe statement. I don't see allowing user
> mounts damaging standard UNIX system semantics as long as certain
> rules are followed. After all, user-mounts and private name spaces
> are what the original authors of UNIX went on to develop.

Well, but notice how it is called "Plan 9", not "Unix" :-). The
"certain rules" are rather tricky to enforce... btw any ideas how
Plan 9 solves problems around user-mounts? Does it allow it at all?

teflon -- maybe it is a trademark, but it should not be.
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