UML problems / kernel panic

From: Nico Schottelius
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 05:32:33 EST


Sometimes when I "boot", I get the following error:

VFS: Mounted root (jfs filesystem) readonly.
cinit-0.1 booting...
Kernel panic - not syncing: write of switch_pipe failed, err = 9

EIP: 0073:[<a03858b2>] CPU: 0 Not tainted ESP: 007b:a0c676b4 EFLAGS: 00000286
Not tainted
EAX: 00000000 EBX: 00000001 ECX: a0c67754 EDX: a0c676d4
ESI: 00000008 EDI: 0000000a EBP: a0c676bc DS: 007b ES: 007b
Call Trace:
a0c6fa30: [<a004df6d>]
a0c6fa40: [<a023c7f6>]
a0c6fa50: [<a003b8c1>]
a0c6fa64: [<a001b430>]
a0c6fa70: [<a002156e>]
a0c6fab0: [<a03c8d45>]
a0c6fb00: [<a0055e3a>]
a0c6fb20: [<a0051d95>]
a0c6fb30: [<a001d74f>]
a0c6fb40: [<a0371b40>]
a0c6fb7c: [<a0038700>]
a0c6fb9c: [<a0038700>]
a0c6fbc8: [<a0051ae0>]
a0c6fbd0: [<a0055bb5>]
a0c6fc04: [<a0055af0>]
a0c6fc10: [<a001aab8>]
a0c6fc1c: [<a0385984>]
a0c6fc28: [<a0055af0>]
a0c6fc38: [<a001aa80>]
a0c6fcd4: [<a0055af0>]
a0c6fce0: [<a00217db>]
a0c6fce4: [<a0055af0>]
a0c6fd20: [<a0385858>]
a0c6fd60: [<a03858b2>]

sleeping process 8915 got unexpected signal : 11


I don't know why this happens, as it is not always happening.


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