Re: [PATCH] devfs: remove devfs from Kconfig preventing it from being built

From: Martin J. Bligh
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 03:17:24 EST

>> > However, this does mean I do need to reinstall a couple
>> > debian boxes here to something newer before I can continue
>> > doing kernel work in 2.6.x on them.
>> Those boxes rely on devfs?
> Yeah, when I forget to turn on DEVFS_FS and DEVFS_MOUNT in the
> kernel config the machine won't boot. :-)
>> Can't you just grab the "static dev" debian package and continue on?
>> I'm sure there is one in there somewhere (don't really know for sure,
>> not running debian anywhere here, sorry.)
>> Or how about a tarball of a /dev tree? Would that help you out?
> I don't know if Debian has such a package.
> Don't worry, I'll take care of this by simply reinstalling
> and thus moving to udev.

??? I use debian sarge all the time with kernels that don't
have devfs compiled in, and I don't use udev either. Works across ia32,
x86_64, and PPC64 (32 bit userspace) at least, with no trouble at all,
out of the box. I did the same with Woody as well before that ...


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