From: Steve French
Date: Tue Jun 21 2005 - 16:50:23 EST

You list features which OCFS2 does not support yet in fs/Kconfig as:
- extended attributes
- readonly mount
- shared writeable mmap
- loopback is supported, but data written will not
be cluster coherent.
- quotas
- cluster aware flock

It also does not appear to support various fcntls, in particular
F_NOTIFY (directory change notification, needed by Samba. Also
for various file manager GUIs used by Linux desktops)
GETLEASE/SETLEASE (also needed for file caching for Samba and
IIRC for NFSv4 as well)
and the source tree does not seem to support "POSIX ACLs" (support for
NTFS/CIFS ACLs or the somewhat similar NFSv4 ACLs could also be mapped
by Samba as an alternative, as we do with AFS ACLs today, if you do not
wish to support POSIX ACLs)

The above three (notify/lease/acl) are particularly important for
Samba. Are those planned for an upcoming release?

You also do not seem to handle fs ioctls - in particular any of the
chflags/lsattr "ext attributes" (which ext2/ext3/reiser
although they are less important.

What is the timestamp granularity in your inode on-disk format? For
Samba4 supporting at least a 100nanosecond time stamp (used for DCE and
CIFS) is helpful due to the time rounding issues that can come up with
the primitive 1 second timestamp.

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