Re: [2.6.12rc4] PROBLEM: "drive appears confused" and "irq 18: nobody cared!"

From: Alexander Fieroch
Date: Tue Jun 21 2005 - 13:24:46 EST

Protasevich, Natalie wrote:
> I would try forcing legacy mode some way, say by tweaking the
> line in do_ide_setup_pci_device():
> if ((dev->class >> 8) == PCI_CLASS_STORAGE_IDE && (dev->class & 5) !=
> 5) {
> To something like
> if ((dev->class >> 8) == PCI_CLASS_STORAGE_IDE) {

I did this with kernel 2.6.12-git2. There are more much error messages
"hda: lost interrupt"
...where linux hangs with a timeout. Finally linux falls in a loop of
errors and is repeating the following tree lines continually:

hda: lost interrupt
hda: dma_timer_expiry: dmastatus == 0x64
hda: DMA interrupt recovery

> Another thought is to dump PCI configuration space for ICH6 IDE, and
> verify the values, especially INT_LN, INTR_PIN, and PCICMD which has
> such info as whether IDE interrupt is enabled on the chip (bit 10), see
> Intel's ICH6 spec, chapter 11 (
> ).

Ok, is there anything that I can do?

> I posted reply to you last email but surprisingly didn't see it going
> trough to the mailing list. Maybe, our mailer blocked it for some
> reason.

Curious. I also have recognized that some replys did not go through the
mailing list, but I've cc'd all of you. Perhaps someone should check the


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