Re: -mm -> 2.6.13 merge status

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Tue Jun 21 2005 - 10:35:18 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:

The OCFS2 filesystem. OK by me, although I'm not sure it's had enough

Every time I come up with a complaint about ocfs2, the Oracle guys manage to shoot me down. I think it's OK to merge.


OK by me for a merge. Need to poke arch maintainers first, check that
they've looked at it sufficiently closely.

seems sane, though there are some whitespace niggles that should be cleaned up


Will merge.

send through netdev, as is proper

dlm-*.patch: Red Hat distributed lock manager

Hard. Right now it seems that no in-kernel projects will use this and
only one out-of-kernel project will use it. Shelve the problem until
after Kernel Summit, where some light may be shed.

Opinions are sought...

I hate to say it, since its my own employer, but I agree: wait for in-kernel users, at the very least.


Nice idea IMO, but there are still questions around the
implementation. More dialogue needed ;)


OK, but needs connector.

I don't like connector


There are still concerns about the userspace API and internal
implementation details. More slogging needed.

We should ask hpa what he needs for Ideally probably wants <something> that facilitates listening to <something> for a list of files being changed. That would greatly speed up the robots, and possibly rsync-like activities too.


Makes the pcmcia layer generate hotplug events and deprecates cardmgr.
Will merge.

Testing? The goal behind the patch is certainly good, but I worry about exposure.


This is a ton of code which knows rather a lot about pagecache
internals. It allows the AFS client to cache file contents on a local

I don't think it's a justified addition for only AFS and I'd prefer to
see it proven for NFS as well.

Issues around add-page-becoming-writable-notification.patch need to
be resolved.


A recent addition. Needs review from NFS developers and considerably
more testing.

These things aren't looking likely for 2.6.13.

If I could vote more than once, I would! I really like cachefs, and have been pushing for its inclusion for a while.

kexec and kdump

I guess we should merge these.

I'm still concerned that the various device shutdown problems will
mean that the success rate for crashing kernels is not high enough for
kdump to be considered a success. In which case in six months time we'll
hear rumours about vendors shipping wholly different crashdump
implementations, which would be quite bad.

But I think this has gone as far as it can go in -mm, so it's a bit of
a punt.

I'm not particularly pleased with these, and indeed vendors ARE shipping other crashdump methods.


Merge it, I guess.

The patches still contain all the reiser4-specific namespace
enhancements, only it is disabled, so it is effectively dead code. Maybe
we should ask that it actually be removed?

The plugin stuff is crap. This is not a filesystem but a filesystem + new layer. IMO considered in that light, it duplicates functionality elsewhere.


I'm not sure that this has a sufficiently high
usefulness-to-maintenance-cost ratio.

agreed (though I think 9P is neat)

It has been said that a userspace NFS server can be used to get
full NFS server functionality with FUSE. I think the half-assed kernel
implementation should be done away with.

"It has been said" -- its true. A userspace NFS server can do 100% of userspace FS functionality.


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