git-pull-script on my linus tree fails..

From: Dave Airlie
Date: Tue Jun 21 2005 - 07:16:42 EST

I had a git archive from just after 2.6.12-rc6, which I've not touched on
my local system..

Now I've just done

cd linux-2.6
git-pull-script rsync://

And I get:
sent 69638 bytes received 17423079 bytes 52928.04 bytes/sec
total size is 135185594 speedup is 7.73
Updating from 27198d855abbfc82df69e81b6c8d2f333580114c to
Destroying all noncommitted data!
Kill me within 3 seconds..
fatal: Entry 'Documentation/DocBook/scsidrivers.tmpl' would be overwritten
by merge. Cannot merge.

but I haven't touched that tree so I shouldn't get merge issues..



David Airlie, Software Engineer / airlied at
Linux kernel - DRI, VAX / pam_smb / ILUG

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