Re: [ltp] Re: IBM HDAPS Someone interested?

From: Yani Ioannou
Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 15:20:35 EST

On 6/20/05, Yani Ioannou <yani.ioannou@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Alejandro,
> You aren't the only one interested in a Linux active protection
> driver, and unfortunately you aren't the first person to try to get
> IBM/Lenevo to release the specs for the interface (the chip
> documentation itself is useless without it). Lenevo has clearly stated
> in the past that it will not open up the specifications and/or write
> an open source Linux driver for it at the moment because they consider
> it a competitive advantage, if you search back through the lm_sensors
> or lkml archives (I can't remember which I saw it in) you will find
> the statement. it is:

I guess you already know about that satement then ...err..nevermind :-).

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