Re: [ltp] Re: IBM HDAPS Someone interested?

From: Pekka Enberg
Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 14:10:56 EST

On 6/20/05, Lenz Grimmer <lenz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Windows, you need to run a separate tray application that enables the
> protection. So it seems like it's implemented in "userspace". It may be
> worth debugging what this Window applet actually does...

According to this [1], the mechanism can tell the difference between
harmful movements and repetitive motion which definitely suggests an
in driver (or userspace) statistics model based prediction.

P.S. I have a ThinkPad 41p or 42p at work. I am willing to help out if
it has the said device and we can get enough info on how to program


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