IBM HDAPS Someone interested?

From: Alejandro Bonilla
Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 10:19:56 EST


As I have asked before, I will do it again. Sorry if this is not the right

I'm looking for someone, a hope, anything from anyone that have an IBM T40,
T41, T42 or whoever has the Embedded "Airbag" solution in their Linux

The Hard Drive Active Protection System, which is in the IBM laptops (and
maybe some others) uses an Analog ADXL320 (or ADXL202) with the
accelerometer for XY to monitor the movement in the laptops.

We have the Datasheet, Application notes and free "Tech support" from Analog
Devices. Now, we need some developers interested in getting this to work. We
just need someone to start something or to take a couple of minutes to see
if this is doable, and if a linux driver came be made to make it work.

(There is also a Fingerprint reader that I would like to get working, but
that is somehow screwed up by security layers) :)

PLEASE, if you have a couple of minutes, or if you are interested in getting
this working, Please let me/us know.,2877,ADXL320,00.html,2889,ADXL202%255F871,00.html

Thanks for the time.


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