how to insert an asm instruction in C code and how to compile it

From: Srinivas G.
Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 09:51:58 EST

Dear All,

I am very sorry for asking such a silly question here.

I have small doubt about ASM code in a C program. Actually I want to
insert some asm instructions in a C program and after that I want to
compile the C program.

I want to include the following code in a simple C program and compile

#define printf DbgPrint

int main()
printf("Hello world program!\n");
return 0;
void DbgPrint(char* str,...)
volatile USHORT i = 0;
volatile UCHAR sch;
sch = str[i];
i ++;
asm mov ah,0x0E;
asm mov al,sch;

asm cmp al,0ah
asm jne test
asm mov al,0dh //; new line
asm mov bx,07h
asm int 10h
asm mov al,0ah
asm mov bx,0x07
asm int 0x10

Please let me know how to do it?

Any links or Howtos are welcome.
Thanks in advance.

Srinivas G
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