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From: markijomah
Date: Sun Jun 19 2005 - 16:01:15 EST

Good Day,

This is to inform you that we are into export and import of chinese arts
and crafts worldwide, we have customers all over the world, those that love
the chinese art works for interior decorations and for other decors. We
ask you to be our representative in receiving payments from
our customers on our behalf.

That is, whenever we are expecting payments from our abroad customers or
associates, we will ask you to help us receive the payments and consequently
give you instructions on where the funds will be paid to. The reason for
this is not far-fetched, we have a very slow process of receiving and making
payments abroad here in my region, and this hinders a smooth dealings with
our abroad customers and associates. Hence you are now our representative
in your country, whenever we are expecting payments from our customers,
the payment will be made through
you to us, and we will give you instructions on how you can be able to also
help us channel this funds to our associates abroad that helps us in the
shipment of our products.

For each payment made through you for us, you will be entitled to a 10%
of the total amount.You are mostly required to receive payments from our
customers on our behalf in your country.

Your full names,Phone number and contact address will be forwarded to all
our customers in your country now that you have indicated to work with us
for easy communications between you and the customers for purpose of payments
as quickly as possible.

Once again, do get back to us immediately as you receive any
communication from any of our customers ready to make payment so that we
can urgently advise you on what to do with the balance money after deducting
your 10% out of it.

Please reply me through koko_ebere@xxxxxxxxx for more confidentiality.


Koko bere

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