Re: PROBLEM: libata + sata_sil on sil3112 dosen't work proper

From: Nicolo Chiellini
Date: Sun Jun 19 2005 - 09:54:26 EST

Thank you for the fast reply,

I have a problem whit a raid controller using SATA SIL 3112 chipset, [..]

This is not a RAID controller.

You have reason about that but the problem is not on RAID Sw, is not even setted up atm and i need use it like SATA controller.
When i try to load sata_sil the system give problems describted on the first mail and, the worst think, if the modules is builded static on kernel the machine hang on boot time when it try to recognize the controller.
The same module work fine whit SIL 3114 and sata disks.

Thanks, Nicolo'

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