Re: bad: scheduling while atomic!: how bad?

From: David L
Date: Sat Jun 18 2005 - 18:22:08 EST

> >On Sat, 2005-06-18 at 14:59 -0700, David L wrote:
> >> I'm seeing the message:
> >>
> >> bad: scheduling while atomic!
> >>
> >> I see this dozens of times when I'm writing to a nand flash device using
> >a
> >> vendor-provided driver from Compulab in Does this mean the
> >driver
> >> has a bug or is incompatible with the preemptive configuration option?
> >How
> >> bad is "bad"? Should I turn of the preemption option, ignore the
> >message,
> >> or what?
> >
> >can you post the sourcecode of the driver? it needs fixing...
> It's on-line at:
> under "Linux - kernel, drivers and patches".
> After unzipping, it's in:
> Drivers & Patches 2.6/Flash Disk/cl_fdrv.tgz

that's only part of the source though... can you point at the full one ?

I'm pretty sure that's all the source... there was some documentation that told how to edit the drivers/block/Kconfig and Makefile to actually build it... below are the instructions. With just what was in that directory, I was able to use their driver.



Copy the file cl_fdrv.tar.gz into the directory <kernel_src>/drivers/block
Then run
cd <kernel_src>/drivers/block
tar xfz cl_fdrv.tar.gz
Then open the file <kernel_source>/drivers/block/Kconfig
and, after line menu "Block devices"
add 3 following lines

config 686CORE_FLASH
tristate "686CORE flash drivers"
source "drivers/block/cl_fdrv/Kconfig"

and save the file.

Then open the file
and, after line

obj-y := elevator.o ll_rw_blk.o ioctl.o genhd.o scsi_ioctl.o

add 3 following lines

obj-y += cl_fdrv/
# endif

and save the file.

Run make gconfig (or any other configuration option) and the selection of the flash driver will be available at ?Device Drivers? >> ?Block Devices?.

Run make bzImage from the directory <kernel_source> to finish building the kernel.

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