Re: kernel bugzilla

From: Alexey Dobriyan
Date: Sat Jun 18 2005 - 09:46:52 EST

On Saturday 18 June 2005 01:39, Andrew Morton wrote:
> We should encourage people to use bugzilla as the initial
> entry-point. But if someone instead uses email as the first contact I'm
> just a little bit reluctant to say "thanks, now go and try again".
> Perhaps we could find some nice volunteer (hint) who could take the task of
> transferring such reports into bugzilla.

Andrew, I'm going to file

Subject: 2.6.12: connection tracking broken?
Subject: 2.6.12 cpu-freq conservative governor problem
Subject: PROBLEM: libata + sata_sil on sil3112 dosen't work proper
Subject: [2.6.12] x86-64 IO-APIC + timer doesn't work

around monday evening if there would be no activity.

Do I understand correctly that the procedure is

1. Search for duplicates
2. Choose category
3. Add "From: Joe Reporter <>" at the beginning, copy-paste email.
4. Add Joe and relevant lists to CC.
5. Profi^WCommit

and bugzilla won't shoot unsuspecting guys afterwards?
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