Announce loop-AES-v3.0d file/swap crypto package

From: Jari Ruusu
Date: Sat Jun 18 2005 - 09:24:20 EST

loop-AES changes since previous release:
- Added support for Red Hat installer specific LOOP_CHANGE_FD ioctl. Patch
from David Eduardo Gomez Noguera. (2.6 kernels)
- Added support for compat_ioctl. (2.6 kernels)
- Changed script to accept both old and new style ldd
program output.
- gcc4 cleanups.

bzip2 compressed tarball is here:
md5sum 650186003f301362247a7d16f138eb43

Jari Ruusu 1024R/3A220F51 5B 4B F9 BB D3 3F 52 E9 DB 1D EB E3 24 0E A9 DD
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