Re: forcedeth as a module only?

From: Christian Kujau
Date: Fri Jun 17 2005 - 17:23:25 EST

Manfred Spraul schrieb:
> Very interesting. The message itself is not fatal: It merely means that
> there was no link during ifup. This typically happens when the hardware
> initialization was not yet finished during ifup. Theoretically, an
> interrupt should happen when the hardware initialization is completed
> and that interrupt then sets up the link.
> Somehow it doesn't work for you.

could be the hardware's fault too? it's an onboard NIC on an nforce
chipset and the lspci i attached in the last mail looks rather strange
(compared to the r8169 (eth1) entry).

> Could you try the attached patch? It polls for link changes instead of
> relying on the irq. Additionally, I have enabled some debug output.

off to reboot in a second...


PS: on a side note, did you get my "other" mail concerning your mail address?
BOFH excuse #122:

because Bill Gates is a Jehovah's witness and so nothing can work on St.
Swithin's day.
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