Re: 2.6.11: nforce3 250gb lockups

From: Denis Vlasenko
Date: Fri Jun 17 2005 - 04:02:22 EST

On Friday 17 June 2005 11:41, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> Sorry for replying to myself, but this may interest someone.
> Le jeudi 16 juin 2005 ц═ 08:54 +0200, Xavier Bestel a ц╘crit :
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have a brand new computer, with an MSI K8N Neo (nforce3-based) which
> > lockups quite easily. It seems it happens when I play audio for a while,
> > or when accessing hd under load. With "nolapic", the boot stops when
> > accessing hda, with something like "hda interrupt timeout" repeating on
> > the screen. With "noapic nolapic", it boots normally but doesn't lockup
> > less. The Ubuntu install CD lockups at boot even with "noapic nolapic".
> >
> > The kernel is the stock debian/sid 2.6.11-9-amd64-k8, the userspace is
> > i386 (32bits). lspci and dmesg at the bottom of this mail. The only
> > advices I found by googling were to try nolapic (which I did without
> > success) or the binary drivers (which I won't try).
> > Is there anything I can do, short of trying to return it to my
> > reseller ?
> As suggested by Denis Vlasenko <vda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> I disabled DMA for
> harddisks (because I have ATA hds) in the BIOS, and now it works
> flawlessly. No need for "no(l)apic". For the record, the drives are:
> hda: WDC WD400BB-32BSA0, ATA DISK drive
> hdc: ST340824A, ATA DISK drive
> hdd: DVDRW IDE 16X, ATAPI CD/DVD-ROM drive
> and an unused barracuda 160G on sda.

Did you disabled DMA completely? That would make your disks very slow
and CPU hungry :(

I was thinking more of using hdparm to downgrade DMA to lower speeds,
not disabling it altogether.

If you will find that lower DMA mode works for a particular hdd
(or particular mobo chipset), a quirk fix may be added to kernel
so that it works for other folks, too.

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