Re: tg3 in 2.6.12-rc6 and Cisco PIX SMTP fixup

From: Lars Roland
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 20:48:45 EST

On 6/17/05, Alejandro Bonilla <abonilla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> one question,
> Can I know what is the problem?
>:I have 2 tg3 adapters, lots e100's and some Cisco PIX and devices.
> I can try to reproduce it and see if anyone has something to say about it.

Yes please. As I see it. Enable smtp fixup protocol on your cisco pix
(you will need to have a smtp server to point it to), then on some
linux system running with a kernel greater than do a telnet to
the smtp server that is firewalled and try to issue a smtp command.

Note that cisco has a bug report on smtp fixup banner hiding issues in
cisco os 6.3.4 but it should not result in the connection getting
dropped, it also does not explain why this problem does not seam to
exists on kernels prior to 2.6.9.


Lars Roland
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