Re: Bug in pcmcia-core

From: Wakko Warner
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 20:33:49 EST

James Courtier-Dutton wrote:
> I am trying to write a Linux ALSA driver for the Creative Audigy 2 NX
> Notebook PCMCIA card.
> This is a cardbus card, that uses ioports.
> When it is inserted into the laptop, the entry appears in "lspci -vv "
> showing ioports used by the card.
> As soon as my driver uses "outb()" to anything in the address range
> shown in "lspci -vv" , the PC hangs.
> I can only conclude from this that ioport resources are not being
> allocated correctly to the PCMCIA card.
> Can anybody help me track this down. If someone could tell me which
> PCMCIA and PCI registers should be set for it to work, I could then find
> out which pcmcia registers have not been set correctly, and fix the bug.
> It seems that the PCMCIA specification is not open and free, so I cannot
> refer to it in order to fix this myself.

I thought drivers for the cardbus cards were the same as standard PCI cards.
I know that as far as networking goes, the same driver runs a cardbus 3com
3c575 and the pci 3c905. Same with netgear's cardbus FA510 and PCI FA310.

I'm not a kernel developer, but this is what I've understood.

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