Re: PROBLEM: Devices behind PCI Express-to-PCI bridge not mapped

From: Peter Buckingham
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 16:23:17 EST

Roland Dreier wrote:
Peter> This is a custom motherboard that we've developed in house :-(

Actually this might be good news -- you have a chance at fixing your
BIOS to set up the PCI buses sanely, which will probably help Linux out.

basically this works under windows (not a good answer i know...)

my impression from talking to the bios guys it is okay for them not to configure the non-primary video adapter (read they won't do it).

we do something similar for IB. the IB attached to the master nforce4 is configured by the bios and the other 3 are not. Each of these IB devices are configured by Linux correctly.

Similarly when the ATI is the primary graphics adapter it is sanely configured and the other GPUs are not.

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