2.6 PNP issues with software raid system

From: mhlong
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 14:28:23 EST

If a disk is pulled or fails in such a way that the hotplug manager removes the corresponding /dev/xxx entry, I can not issue a mdadm --remove because the device doesn't exist.

I looked at the mdadm and md code and it looks like it relies on the device node existing. I could make the appropriate code changes but wanted to see if there was another more standard way to deal with this. I know I can create a node using mknod so I can issue the mdadm --remove and then delete the node but this really seems like a hack.

I did a bit of looking around and couldn't find an answer to this. If this is not the right list for this question please point me to the correct place.

Thanks, -Matt-

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