FROM mary koko

From: Mary Koko KHUMALO
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 04:03:20 EST

ALTERNATIVE EMAIL ADDRESS: (koko_mary3@xxxxxxxxx)
Dear Sir,
It will be a surprise to you receiving this letter today,though we have
not met or transact business before.I got your contact via internet, and then I decided to request for your kind assistance to me as a foreign partner for this transaction, which is
going to profit both of us.Meanwhile, I would like to introduce myself before
moving more further, I am Mary Koko KHUMALO the Daughter of Dr.Koko KHUMALO. I
will be 21 years by November this year.
My father Dr. Koko KHUMALO deals with gold and diamond and was the Chief
Accountant of a Gold Mining Industry in Kimberly- South Africa before he
past away some few months ago. Knowing fully well that South Africa being
a country rich in Gold and Diamond, my late father who was rich and
famous before he past away entrusted me as his only daughter. He told
me on his bed side in hospital with confidence where he
deposited a huge amount of money with a Finance institution in Europe and for save keeping, and which all the relevant documents was handed over to me by him to go- ahead and transfer this money out of the financial instutution for investment.
The total amount of US$ 7.2 Million Dollars was lodged into a Financal institutionin a Europe by my late father.I decided to contact you as a foreign partner that will assist me transfer this money into your personal or companies account pending my arrival in your company. I have decide to compensate/give you 15% of the total amount for your assistance, which you are going to render in this transaction.You should bear in mind that this business is100% risk free to both parties but should be treate confidential
to avoid any diversion during its process.
I would like you to contact me on my email immediately you receive this
mail but security agency in South Africa monitoring all international
call. Please get back to me through email, so we will discuss the whole
process for the transferring of the money, this will take 7 (Seven) working
days from the day I get your reply.I don't want you to betray the confidence
I have in you although we never met each other before.
Best regards,