Using git over 56k (was Re: 2.6.12-rc3-mm1)

From: Steven Cole
Date: Sat Apr 30 2005 - 20:35:25 EST

Recently, Valdis Kletnieks wrote:
>On Sat, 30 Apr 2005 08:27:43 EDT, Ed Tomlinson said:
>> If we stick with git it might make sense not to include a linux-patch. cogito
>> is quite fast to export using a commit id. Suspect some bandwidth could be
>> saved if you just stated the commit id that you based the mm patch on.
>I suspect that the majority of people who build -mm kernels build -mm kernels
>because they *weren't* using BK to pull the trees they were interested in.
>Currently I can pull the pieces needed for a -mm kernel over a 56K modem
>without *too* much pain, which means it's something I can easily do in an
>evening. What would be the additional disk space requirements to store enough
>of a git tree so I can pull the corresponding linus.patch myself, and how long
>would it take to do at 56K? Also, what's the comparative CPU/bandwidth hit
>on the server end for me to download the additional data if it's bundled
>into Andrew's patch, versus me doing a 'git update' or whatever the command is?
>I'm suspecting that it's less strain overall to just include the 180K or so that
>the bzip'ed linus.patch takes than to make everybody pull the data needed to
>create their own linus.patch

Here is some data. I'm on 56k dialup here at home. (I'm also not on lkml here,
so please make sure I'm on the cc-list).

I brought home a recent git repo of the linux-2.6 tree via sneaker-net yesterday, and
used cg-update to keep updated. Here is a recent sample:

[steven@spc linux-2.6]$ cg-branch-ls
linux-2.6 rsync://
origin rsync://
[steven@spc linux-2.6]$ time cg-update linux-2.6
MOTD: Welcome to the Linux Kernel Archive.

[snipped verbose messages]

receiving file list ... done

wrote 141 bytes read 857 bytes 285.14 bytes/sec
total size is 41 speedup is 0.04

receiving file list ... done

[more snippage]

wrote 873 bytes read 1096615 bytes 8540.76 bytes/sec
total size is 70393608 speedup is 64.14

[more snippage]

Tree change: 49e7dc54cd4cbdb439ecc4e06214b0ca1a1a72b4:e8e6993178344eb348f60f05b16d9dc30db3b9cf
*100644->100644 blob 8da3a306d0c0c070d87048d14a033df02f40a154->48990899db0d9a9506e72fe2fa79570c3b5a306b Makefile
*100644->100644 blob 68e15c36e33610d6ed0ccec61d7d7a23ebcd4fa3->3b948e8c27513f7896263a87a99123ad5394b860 arch/arm/mach-integrator/integrator_cp.c
*100644->100644 blob 314c7146e9bf0a58c9df75c86065b4ad7598b419->04783ceb050c13d7a475a60bdb916b6eb56ffddf arch/i386/Makefile
*100644->100644 blob 774de8e2387193be0570a3fba681fd6dd1936816->f850fb0fb5118be47d976291ee028697fbdeb688 arch/ppc/boot/images/Makefile
*100644->100644 blob 3e386fd4c5c6e627699ccd04117b712030f0f3f4->321dbe91dc14e270450216cf4cc79562d89ca225 drivers/video/amba-clcd.c
*100644->100644 blob d31c1a71f781ccc7c189e3bff9dc1ee4ee282188->1ab353e235955eee63e43a3a030d0b8b4b719a2b include/asm-arm/arch-integrator/cm.h

Applying changes...
Fast-forwarding 49e7dc54cd4cbdb439ecc4e06214b0ca1a1a72b4 -> e8e6993178344eb348f60f05b16d9dc30db3b9cf
on top of 49e7dc54cd4cbdb439ecc4e06214b0ca1a1a72b4...
7.80user 13.43system 3:01.56elapsed 11%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 0maxresident)k

Three minutes isn't really bad. If you're still using 56k, patience is required.
The machine is a 450Mhz PIII.

The size of that linux-2.6 git repo is currently 358M.

[steven@spc GIT]$ du --max-depth=1 linux-2.6
19M linux-2.6/fs
785K linux-2.6/mm
168K linux-2.6/ipc
554K linux-2.6/lib
11M linux-2.6/net
20K linux-2.6/usr
130M linux-2.6/.git
43M linux-2.6/arch
108K linux-2.6/init
15M linux-2.6/sound
1.1M linux-2.6/scripts
99M linux-2.6/drivers
645K linux-2.6/crypto
733K linux-2.6/security
1.2M linux-2.6/kernel
7.9M linux-2.6/Documentation
32M linux-2.6/include
358M linux-2.6


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