Re: [Question] Does the kernel ignore errors writng to disk?

From: Bryan Henderson
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 19:45:05 EST

Thanks for the info on how stability works with SCSI and ATA, but I think
you lost the context of my question.

You said earlier that fsync() and O_DIRECT are ways to deal with the
problem of delayed write errors. I added that O_SYNC is another way. You
then said that O_SYNC doesn't work completely correctly in some recent
(but not current) kernels. You didn't say the same about fsync().

I'd like to know if you mean to say that O_SYNC has some problems in some
kernels that fsync() does not have.

And if it isn't too much trouble, it would be nice to hear details of how
O_SYNC is partially correct in some kernels.

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