Re: RDMA memory registration

From: Roland Dreier
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 13:32:41 EST

Brice> Do you plan to work with David Addison from Quadrics ? For
Brice> sure, your hardware have very different capabilities. But
Brice> ioproc_ops is a really nice solution and might help a lot
Brice> when dealing with deregistration and fork.

I'm following the discussion with interest. Some hardware (eg
Mellanox HCAs) has the ability to use these hooks to avoid pinning
pages at all, but in general IB and iWARP need to pin pages so the
mapping doesn't change.

Brice> For instance, instead of adding PROT_DONT/ALWAYSCOPY, you
Brice> may use an ioproc hook in the fork path. This hook (a
Brice> function in your driver) would be called for each
Brice> registered page. It will decide whether the page should be
Brice> pre-copied or not and update the registration table (or
Brice> whatever stores address translations in the NIC). In
Brice> addition, the driver would probably pre-copy cow pages when
Brice> registering them.

This sort of monkeying around with the VM from driver code seems much
more complicated than letting userspace handle it.

- R.
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