Re: system-freeze: kprobe and do_gettimeofday

From: Juergen Quade
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 12:29:40 EST

> > ...
> Thanks for providing the information, we are not able to reproduce this
> problem here. Can you pls write a similar fault handler for kprobes as shown
> below and get us the log messages.
> int fault_probe(struct kprobe *p, struct pt_regs *regs, int trapnr) {
> printk("fault_handler:p->addr=0x%p, eflags=0x%lx\n", p->addr, regs->eflags);
> return 0;

I tried it a few time, system freezes but the fault handler
has not been called. First time the system rebooted completly,
second time I got no output at all.

I added the proposed line into the pre-handler. Here is the

kprobe registered address c0107bd0
pre_handler:p->addr=0xc0107bd0, eflags=0x282
root@esz-mobil:/tmp/kprobes# double fault, gdt
at c049bd00 ...

The first line is the output of "init_module". The second
line is the output of the pre_handler. As you can see,
before the "double fault" message I get one prompt. Could
there be a problem with the timer interrupt?

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