Re: x86-64 bad pmds in II

From: Christopher Warner
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 11:03:37 EST

> It does. Well, I needed to restudy exec_mmap and switch_mm in detail,
> and having done so, I agree that the only way you can get through
> exec_mmap's activate_mm without fully flushing the cpu's TLB, is if
> the active_mm matches the newly allocated mm (itself impossible since
> there's a reference on the active_mm), and the cpu bit is still set
> in cpu_vm_mask - precisely not the case if we went through leave_mm.
> Yet I was claiming your leave_mm fix could flush TLB for exec_mmap
> where it wasn't already done.
> Sorry for letting the neatness of my pmd/stack story blind me
> to its impossibility, and for wasting your time.
> Hugh
> -

Any updated information one should know about this before testing?

I'm getting bad pmds in; Tyan S2882/dual AMD 246 opterons. The
problem only occurs when doing some thread intensive task. I'm going to
try and strace/bt and send some information as it occurs. Hardware is
almost identical to the setup above.

-Christopher Warner

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