Re: kernel panic on boot on AMD64

From: Andi Kleen
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 09:58:30 EST

On Fri, Apr 29, 2005 at 04:44:27PM +0200, Alexander Nyberg wrote:
> > Hmm? saved_command_Line should have enough space to add a simple string.
> > It is a 1024bytes. Unless you already have a 1k command line it should
> > be quite ok.
> init/main.c:
> char saved_command_line[COMMAND_LINE_SIZE];
> inclide/asm-x86-64/setup.h:
> #define COMMAND_LINE_SIZE 256
> Rubens command line is a total of 251 chars, adding "console=tty0" will
> exceed it.

Ok that makes sense. I missed the fact that the original report
had such a overlong command line.

> > Why do you think it is bogus?
> >
> I thought that saved_command_line on x64 was like the other archs, an
> untouched copy and it wouldn't have made sense to apply another string
> to it then, but I was wrong as it is the working line.
> I still don't understand why console=tty0 is to be appended however.

It was needed in some 2.5 kernel when the console subsystem was
very broken and I got tired of debugging it and just added this
easy workaround. Probably should have taken it out later, but
then these things tend to stick around.

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