Re: [PATCH] Kdump docs.

From: Vivek Goyal
Date: Fri Apr 29 2005 - 00:08:54 EST

Hi Randy,

> + A) First kernel:
> + a) Enable "kexec system call" feature (in Processor type and features).
> + b) This kernel's physical load address should be the default value of
> + 0x100000 (0x100000, 1 MB) (in Processor type and features).
> + c) Enable "sysfs file system support" (in Pseudo filesystems).
> + d) Boot into first kernel with the command line parameter "crashkernel=Y@X".
> + Use appropriate values for X and Y. Y denotes how much memory to reserve
> + for the second kernel, and X denotes at what physical address the reserved
> + memory section starts. For example: "crashkernel=64M@16M".
> +
> + B) Second kernel:
> + a) Enable "kernel crash dumps" feature (in Processor type and features).
> + b) Specify a suitable value for "Physical address where the kernel is
> + loaded" (in Processor type and features). Typically this value
> + should be same as X (See option b) above, e.g., 16 MB or 0x1000000.

Should above line be as follows.
"should be same as X (See option d) above."

This will make clear what is X and what should be the new value of

Thanks for testing out and providing a clearer documentation.


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