Re: dumb question: How to create your own log files in a kernel module?

From: Michael Opdenacker
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 17:02:42 EST

Hi Xin,

I know printk can do this job. But what I really want is to print logs
to a file specified by me instead of /var/log/messages. And, the
messages irrelevant to my module should not be written into that file.
Now my log mixed with other logs in /var/log/message, which bother me
much. :(

You seem to make a confusion here...

Don't forget that files are only an abstraction for userspace. They are only meant to be read and written from userspace. Kernel code can never read or write files. In the case of /var/log/messages, this file is created by the syslogd program from the kernel buffer, not by the kernel itself.

You could just echo something specific to your driver in your printk strings, and grep this specific thing in /var/log/messages. You have your file!



Michael Opdenacker
+33 621 604 642

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