Re: [RFC][PATCH] Reduce ext3 allocate-with-reservation locklatencies

From: Lee Revell
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 11:14:55 EST

On Thu, 2005-04-28 at 00:37 -0700, Mingming Cao wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-04-27 at 23:45 -0400, Lee Revell wrote:
> > On Fri, 2005-04-22 at 15:10 -0700, Mingming Cao wrote:
> > > Please review. I have tested on fsx on SMP box. Lee, if you got time,
> > > please try this patch.
> >
> > I have tested and this does fix the problem. I ran my tests and no ext3
> > code paths showed up on the latency tracer at all, it never went above
> > 33 usecs.
> >
> Thanks, Lee.
> The patch survived on many fsx test over 20 hours on a 2cpu machine.
> Tested the patch on the same machine with tiobench (1-64 threads), and
> untar a kernel tree test, no regression there.
> However I see about 5-7% throughput drop on dbench with 16 threads. It
> probably due to the cpu cost that we have discussed.

Hmm, I guess someone needs to test it on a bigger system. AFAICT this
should improve SMP scalability quite a bit. Maybe that lock is rarely


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