[RELEASE] Umbrella is now feature complete! (v0.7 released)

From: Kristian Sørensen
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 08:09:19 EST

Hi all!

Finally, we now present you with a feature complete version of Umbrella,
namely version 0.7.

Followin is the main major changes:
- Implementation of a kernel keyring to handle keys from trusted vendors
- The FSR implementation is replaced and optimized
- Umbrella has been profiled and optimized all over

For instructions on how to try out the Process-Based Access Control and
Digitally Signed Binaries in Umbrella, please download the complete 0.7
tarball from SourceForge:

Please refer to the README file in the tarball for further instructions.

As always we appreciate any comments, suggestions etc. you may have :-)

The Umbrella Team.

Kristian Sørensen
The Umbrella Project -- Security for Consumer Electronics
Linnovative -- www.linnovative.dk
ks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx -- +45 2972 3816
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