Re: kernel hacker's git howto

From: David Greaves
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 05:23:50 EST

I think a lot of people on the git list would like to see this - please CC :)


Pavel Machek wrote:


Here's my current version of git HOWTO. I'd like your comments...

Kernel hacker's guide to git
2005 Pavel Machek <pavel@xxxxxxx>

You can get cogito at
. Compile it, and place it somewhere in $PATH. Then you can get kernel
by running

mkdir clean-cg; cd clean-cg
cg-init rsync://

... Do cg-update origin to pickup latest changes from Linus. You can
do cg-diff to see what changes you done in your local tree. cg-cancel
will kill any such changes, and cg-commit will make them permanent.

To get diff between your working tree and "next tree up", do cg-diff
-r origin: . If you want to get the same diff but separated
patch-by-patch, do cg-mkpatch origin: . If you want to pull changes
from the "up" tree to your working tree, do cg-pull origin followed by
cg-merge origin.

How to set up your trees so that you can cooperate with linus

What I did:

Created clean-cg. Initialized straight from Linus (as above). Then I
created "nice" tree, good for Linus to pull from

mkdir /data/l/linux-good; cd /data/l/linux-good
cg-init /data/l/clean-cg

and then my working tree, based on linux-good

mkdir /data/l/linux-cg; cd /data/l/linux-cg
cg-init /data/l/linux-good

. I do my work in linux-cg. If someone sends me nice patch I should
pass up, I apply it to linux-good with nice message and do

cd /data/l/linux-cg; cg-pull origin; cg-merge origin


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