Re: [PATCH] VFS bugfix: two read_inode() calles withoutclear_inode() call between

From: Miklos Szeredi
Date: Thu Apr 28 2005 - 02:53:41 EST

> > Why do you need to move it from prune_icache() to dispose_list()?
> > For the hash list it's the right thing, but for sb_list it's not
> > needed, is it?
> Yes, it is not needed but harmless. I did it only because i_hash &
> i_sb_list insertions/deletions always come in couple. So I decided move
> them both, to be more consistent, to make code less complicated.
> If you regard this hazardous I might split these removals. But IMHO, my
> variant is a bit more pleasant.

It's not just pleasentness. You should be _very_ careful with any
changes you make to this kind of code, and have a very clear
explanation why the change is needed, and why it won't do any trouble.

I didn't actually think about the sb_list stuff, but my feeling is you
should not move it unless there's a very clear reason to do so.

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