oops data from direct memory dump of log_buf?

From: ndnguyen3
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 19:58:56 EST


I am sorry if this question is too simple or to the wrong list. In kernel 2.4.x whenever there is a kernel crash, I was able to find Oops data from a direct memory dump starting starting from log_buf. With kernel 2.6.x, I can not find the Oops data from the same memory dump. Do I need to look into different place for the Oops info for 2.6.x? Many thanks.

Best regards,


Ps: Most of the time I can use Dmesg to look for Oops info. However there are numerous times where crashes occur too "early" in the boot process. Hence I need to look at log_buf (via memory dump) to see the Oops or to read prink messages to see how far the boot process got.
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