Re: filesystem transactions API

From: Bernd Eckenfels
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 12:00:47 EST

In article <20050427151758.GE1957@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> you wrote:
> If we have transactions, then I'd like to be able to do this from a shell:
> I'd also like to write inside a single C program:

perhaps you will need to use plan9 or hurd? :)

Because this pretty much virtualisation/snapshots. Anyway, it would be a
nice thing to have, for sure (I am not sure if all the technical
implications like deadlocks and serialisations can be solved in a unix
compatible manner (and especially for at least more than one local and
networked file system).

> It's useful, and there is no good reason to disallow that.

There might be no good reasons, but a lot of hard problems.

> Nonetheless, there's a need for some kind of transaction handles. A
> file descriptor representing a transaction seems like a natural fit.

Yes, that might be a good thing, beacause it can be passed, inherited and
access controled and possesed.

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