Re: [RFC] SAS domain layout for Linux sysfs

From: Luben Tuikov
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 10:43:48 EST

On 04/27/05 08:34, Douglas Gilbert wrote:
> Once the SAS discovery algorithm has been run should we
> show its results in sysfs?? We probably want to know
> about SCSI target devices (like we do for other transports).
> The SAS discovery algorithm may have found other interesting
> things:
> - other expanders (beyond what the silicon has seen)
> - other initiators (implies a multi initiator environment)
> - miswired SAS domains (since SAS expander routing rules
> have restrictions)

Yes, I think we should know about those other devices, part

> Other tools may want to access SMP (and SCSI log pages
> in SCSI target devices) to identify bottlenecks and access
> vendor extensions.

Yes, very true. I can imagine user space apps sending SMP
and what not to expanders/RAID devices/enclosures past
expanders, to control the storage network.

A sysfs representation of the discovery result could make this
easy, since as you pointed out expanders are not SAS devices,
and thus do not fit the linux-scsi HCTL space.

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