Re: Mercurial 0.3 vs git benchmarks

From: Thomas Glanzmann
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 10:16:05 EST


> Directory hashing has a negative impact on some applications (notably
> tar and unpatched mutt on large Maildir folders). For git, it's a win
> because hashing destroys locality anyway.

this is inaccurate. Actually turning on directory hashing speeds-up big
maildirs a lot (tested with mutt-1.5.4 and higher with a maildir
containing 30thousand messages). But in the mutt case you also have the
header cache[1] which speeds up a lot - with or without hashed
directories. See also MEs comment[2] on this.

For tar I have no idea why it should slow down the operation, but maybe
you can enlighten us.


- wait till TLR has released mutt-1.5.10
- use mutt CVS HEAD
- use mutt-1.5.9 +
- and put the following in your .muttrc:
set header_cache=/tmp/login-hcache
set maildir_header_cache_verify=no

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