Re: [PATCH] VFS bugfix: two read_inode() calles without clear_inode() call between

From: Jan Harkes
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 08:56:52 EST

On Wed, Apr 27, 2005 at 05:15:41PM +0400, Artem B. Bityuckiy wrote:
> Dear VFS developers,
> is it possible to review/comment/apply the patch which fixes a severe
> VFS bug which screws up JFFS2?
> (the third attempt).

I think this is a problem that hit Coda at some point. We used to have a
linked list that linked all the inodes together. However not long after
the RCU changes, I noticed that this linked list occasionally got
corrupted. I didn't want to dig too deep into all the dcache related
changes where I thought the problem came from, nobody else seemed to be
complaining and the linked list wasn't really necessary so I worked
around the problem by removing the linked list strucure.

But I think you found the actual cause and this patch looks good to me,
it probably should get merged.

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