Re: Re-routing packets via netfilter (ip_rt_bug)

From: Jozsef Kadlecsik
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 05:41:57 EST

On Wed, 27 Apr 2005, Herbert Xu wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 27, 2005 at 12:26:13PM +0200, Patrick McHardy wrote:
> >
> > Forwarded packets can't have any NAT manips in LOCAL_OUT, so it
> > should work. I'm not sure about it though because it would be
> > the only place where packets just appear in FORWARD, usually
> > all packets enters through PRE_ROUTING or LOCAL_OUT.
> It's also the only place where we generate a packet with a non-local
> source address :)

Besides the REJECT target, TARPIT in patch-o-matic-ng also generates
packets with non-local source addresses. We cannot assume that REJECT is
the only one which can create such packets.

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