[PATCH 0/6] I8K and Toshiba legacy driver cleanup

From: Dmitry Torokhov
Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 01:57:58 EST

Hi Andrew,

I have several patches cleaning up Toshiba and I8K drivers a bit and I
was wondering if you could add them to -mm. I8K patches have been sent
to LKML earlier and were tested (although I have dropped sysfs export
patch, there were some objections from Greg).

Toshiba legacy driver cleanup:
- use module_init/module_exit for initialization instead of using
#ifdef MODULE and calling tosh_init manually from drivers/char/misc.c
- do not explicitly initialize static variables
- some whitespace and formatting cleanups

- pass through Lindent to change 4 spaces identation to TABs

- Change to use stock dmi infrastructure instead of homegrown
parsing code. The driver now requires box's DMI data to match
list of supported models so driver can be safely compiled-in
by default without fear of it poking into random SMM BIOS
code. DMI checks can be ignored with i8k.ignore_dmi option.

- Change proc code to use seq_file.

- use module_{init|exit} instead of old style #ifdef MODULE
code, some formatting changes

- add BIOS signatures of a newer Dell laptops, also there can be
more than one temperature sensor reported by BIOS.


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