Re: [PATCH] private mounts

From: Bryan Henderson
Date: Tue Apr 26 2005 - 17:10:13 EST

>> Just to be clear, then: this idea is fundamentally different from the
>> mkdir/cd analogy the thread starts with above.
>NACK, it's very similar to the cd "$HOME" (or ulimit calls) done by the
>login mechanism,

That's not a NACK. The cd "$HOME" and ulimit calls done by the login
process (more precisely, by a shell profile) are quite different from the
mkdir/cd the thread started with. Who creates a new directory in his
shell profile? I assume the mkdir/cd analogy is a case of a person doing
a mkdir and cd in a running shell. (That is indeed analogous to what one
would like to do with a private mount).

When you said "by the login process or by wrappers like nice," in response
to my pointing out that setnamespace would need to be a shell builtin
command, I assumed you were talking about putting it in the code that
execs the shell as opposed to in the shell profile, thus eliminating the
need for a shell builtin.

But the important thing is just to recognize, as you say explicitly now,
that setnamespace has to be shell builtin command for
setnamespace/mknamespace to be analogous to mkdir/cd. That was my
original statement, if somewhat indirect:

>> >> >mknamespace -p users/$UID # (like mkdir -p)
>> >> >setnamespace users/$UID # (like cd)
>> >> ^^^^^^^^
>> >> You realize that 'cd' is a shell command, and has to be, I hope.
>> >> little fact has thrown a wrench into many of the ideas in this

Bryan Henderson IBM Almaden Research Center
San Jose CA Filesystems
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