Re: [ANNOUNCE] Cogito-0.8 (former git-pasky, big changes!)

From: Petr Baudis
Date: Tue Apr 26 2005 - 15:47:14 EST

Dear diary, on Tue, Apr 26, 2005 at 09:02:34AM CEST, I got a letter
where Philip Pokorny <ppokorny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> told me that...
> Petr Baudis wrote:
> >the history changed again (hopefully the
> >last time?) because of fixing dates of some old commits.
> >
> Looks like the git-pasky-0.7 tags (and friends) are now dead links. For
> example:
> [philip@xray cogito]$ cg-mkpatch git-pasky-0.7:HEAD
> .git/objects/c8/3b95297c2a6336c2007548f909769e0862b509: No such file or
> directory
> fatal: cat-file c83b95297c2a6336c2007548f909769e0862b509: bad file
> Invalid id: c83b95297c2a6336c2007548f909769e0862b509

Oops. Good catch, fixed. I actually just iterated cg-log. ;-)

Petr "Pasky" Baudis
C++: an octopus made by nailing extra legs onto a dog. -- Steve Taylor
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