[, BUG] spin_lock_irqsave() unsafe for use with FIQ and no spin_lock_localsave() exists

From: Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton
Date: Tue Apr 26 2005 - 11:24:33 EST

like the subject says.

i utilised spin_lock_irqsave() with a FIQ handler, expecting to be able
to do this:


aaaannnd it caused some weirdo behaviour - not surprisingly because
spin_lock_irqsave() calls local_irq_save() which ONLY saves the
interrupt handler flags - NOT the FIQ handler flags.

a spin_lock_saveflags() which does exactly what spin_lock_irqsave() does
except it calls local_irq_save would be _greatly_ appreciated.

in linux/spinlock.h.

because i'm having to #define one anyway.



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