Re: IRQ Disabling

From: Robert Hancock
Date: Mon Apr 25 2005 - 21:38:22 EST

Al Niessner wrote:
1) Write some general handler that resets the IRQ and nothing else and
install it as the default handler instead of the current one that is
disabling the IRQ?

The only thing the kernel can do generically in this case is what it's doing already - disabling the interrupt line. What needs to be done to a device to clear the interrupt is device-dependent. If the interrupt doesn't get cleared by the handler, it will just keep interrupting continuously and using a ton of CPU time.

You could try disabling the USB controller and see if the APC card still is producing spurious interrupts. If that's the case, though, fixing the driver (so that it properly recognizes the interrupts) or the hardware (so it doesn't generate spurious interrupts) is about the only option.

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