Re: [PATCH][RFC][0/4] InfiniBand userspace verbs implementation

From: Roland Dreier
Date: Mon Apr 25 2005 - 19:12:37 EST

Timur> If you look at the Infiniband code that was recently
Timur> submitted, I think you'll see it does exactly that: after
Timur> calling mlock(), the driver calls get_user_pages(), and it
Timur> stores the page mappings for future use.

Andrew> Where?

The code isn't merged yet. I sent a version to lkml for review -- in
fact it was this very thread that we're in now. The code in question
is in

This implements a "userspace verbs" character device that memory
registration goes through. This means the kernel has a device node
that will be closed when a process dies, and so the memory can be
cleaned up.

- R.
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