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From: Paul Jakma
Date: Sun Apr 24 2005 - 22:26:37 EST

On Sun, 24 Apr 2005, David A. Wheeler wrote:

Now you just have to FIND the signature of a signed object, i.e. efficiently go the "other way" from signed object to detached signature. A separate directory with this mapping, or embedding the mapping inside the object directory (HASH.d/<list>) both solve it.

You dont even need it, see my other mail. If:

- the signature is an object and added after the commit object

- tools know that signatures are 'proxies of' or precursors to the
objects they are signing (which makes sense, a signature by
definition refers to something else)

- the signature object refers to the object it is signing (eg a
'Signing <object ID>' header)

Then head can simply be the signature object and tools can find the commit by following the 'Signing' field of the signature (they dont even need to check the signature is valid). No index lookup needed.

You only need the index for historical verification really, and you can always generate an index if needs be. (and have the tools maintain it).

The more I think about it, the more I think a separate "reverse"
index directory would be a better idea. It just needs to from
"me" to "who references me", at least so that you can quickly
find all signatures of a given object. If the reverse directory
gets wonky, anyone can just delete the reverse index directory
at any time & reconstruct it by iterating the objects.
Before "-----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----" you should add:
signatureof HASHVALUE
to make reconstruction easy; PGP processors ignore stuff
before "-----".

Oof, dont do this:

- makes assumptions about the format of the signature
- that it is ASCII
- that you can change it

Just add a git header which is independent of the signature data.

In lieu of the 'signature object as precursor' approach above, just have the tools maintain an index. It can be maintained as objects as added, and can always be blown away and recreated by inspection of the repository data.

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